Social Media Usage is Growing!

Social Media usage grew leaps and bounds! But how fast did it expand?

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Which social networking sites finished ahead? Which bookmarking sites gained popularity? These are the questions that would come clouding your mind the moment you would think about familiarizing yourself with social media.

If you were using social media for your business, it was important to keep a track of the latest statistics, so that you could shape your strategies accordingly.  According to the latest survey:

  • 75% of Facebook engagement took place in the first five hours of the day
  • Pinterest has 84% active women users and 50% male users
  • 23% teenagers considered Instagram as their favourite social networking website
  • Most of the Vines were shared on weekends
  • Those B2B marketers who use blogs generated 67% more leads
  • The total number of snaps send on SnapChat each day amounted to 400 million
  • And 53% interaction between a Google+ user and a brand is always positive.

The picture is indeed overwhelming! Isn’t it?

Some people have the wrong notion that social media is just about sharing mundane activities with the world at large. However, that’s not what social media is all about. If used properly, it actually has a life-changing capacity. With the rise of social media, learning has become wide-spread and easy.  It’s not entirely about using Wikipedia, people are gathering useful information from blogs, research sites, and forums.  Social media enables freedom of speech. You can voice your opinion/protest on any issue and gather a huge follower base quite easily. And it will not be an exaggeration to say that social media has actually beaten the traditional reporting of news.

Any event, occurring in any corner of the world, travelled faster via social media than through any other medium. Nowadays, social media is the obvious choice of non-profit organisations that plan to enhance their visibility and expand their reach through social networking sites and forums.  Last but not the least, social media helped us to connect, engage and interact with people around the globe.

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