Making money on social media- a myth or reality?

When we say somebody is ‘socially unfit’ we mean that the person is yet the master the techniques of using social media. Such a person would be skeptical about the usefulness of social media and would always try to maintain safe distance from it. But the ‘socially fit’ knows that social media not only keep you connected with the world around, but also enable you to remain financially solvent. Yes, you can make money on the social media!

Just give internet marketing a chance! It can be started in the social media by creating a fan page. Once you get over thousands of visitors, you can ask business owners to plug their services and products on your fan page. In this way you can actually monetize your social media page, i.e. charge some money from companies for allowing them to plug their products and services on your fan page. Remain consistent and create interesting and quality topics, you’ll surely gain popularity.


If you can advertise yourself properly, finding a job using the social media can appear relatively easy. Jobseekers are seen using LinkedIn to get connected with employers. Other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can also link up employees and employers.  There are other ways to make money as well. People can use social media to advertise their services and use it to sell any products – old or new. Well, there are ecommerce sites where you can sell old items. Now you use Facebook and Twitter to advertise these items.

Advertising on these platforms is free and saves you the listing fee and commission on these sold products. People can use their talents to earn money from social media platforms. For instance, a photographer can upload images on photo sharing website Flickr and get paid when the images are used. Similarly videographers can upload their videos on YouTube and if the videos get lots of views and likes, they can use these videos to earn money. Developers can design apps and games and sell it on social media platforms to earn money.

Many brands run social media competitions. Being a part of these competitions can help people earn money.  Companies also offer discounts through social media to increase customer base. By retweeting a tweet or ‘liking’ a Facebook page, you can win discount codes.  Posting promotional messages about certain companies also help people earn money via social media. Twitter has an option called, which people can be used to earn money just by tweeting about different products.


If you are a sort of ‘influencer’, i.e. have a huge follower base, you can use your Facebook or blog page to show advertising from the top brands. You will earn money from the number of clicks the advertisement on your page generates. Users just need to sign up as affiliates to the company’s marketing programmes and earn through clicks.  For instance: users becoming an affiliate of Amazon can earn up to 10% of what visitors purchase through clicks, particularly in Amazon vouchers.  Advertising can also be shown through Google’s AdSense service. The amount people earn will depend on the number of visitors they get each day for their blogs.

There is another option. People can write enticing and powerful product descriptions on their Facebook page or blog and get paid by the advertisers for their ‘advertorials’.  With the social media platform expanding, we now have various other ways to make money from social media. Sites like plan to expand their services with the simple process of ‘shop, share and earn’.  Here users, apart from shopping, can recommend products to their friends via social networking sites and earn money.

Nowadays, trading has also become a social affair. Social trading company eToro has about 3 million users around the world. On this platform users can follow and copy the trading activity of other users.  So, money making on social media is no longer a myth. People can actually earn money through various social media platforms – just that they need to remain socially fit.


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