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Making money on social media- a myth or reality?

When we say somebody is ‘socially unfit’ we mean that the person is yet the master the techniques of using social media. Such a person would be skeptical about the usefulness of social media and would always try to maintain safe distance from it. But the ‘socially fit’ knows that social media not only keep […]

Social Media Platforms- A Sneak Peek

People use social media platforms to create online communities, share information, ideas, messages and other forms of content. To make things easier for a novice, we’ve have divided the social media platforms into 10 categories viz.: Social networking sites which include websites like Facebook, Google +, Gather, CafeMom, Friendster, hi5, MyLife, XING, Plaxo, Fitsugar and […]

Familiarize Yourself With Social Media – ASAP!

Whether for business or personal reason, using social media platform can prove to be highly beneficial for users.  The reason why people should familiarize themselves with social media is, they can actually voice their opinions, stay connected with the world and gather valuable information with the help of various social media tools. With millions of […]

10 Reasons SME’s Need to Engage with Video

Have an advantage over your competitors with videos on Facebook. There are less videos on the internet than there are web pages so your business will be much easier to find on the internet and therefore have more views than the competitor’s websites. Here are 10 things to think about for 2015:   1. The Audience […]

10 Quick Tips for Facebook

    Update your Privacy Settings – It is worth checking and updating your privacy settings at least once a year. It is so simple –just click the lock sign on the top right hand side. I think it’s best to choose maximum security because then people have to add you as a friend to […]

Social Media Usage is Growing!

Social Media usage grew leaps and bounds! But how fast did it expand? Which social networking sites finished ahead? Which bookmarking sites gained popularity? These are the questions that would come clouding your mind the moment you would think about familiarizing yourself with social media. If you were using social media for your business, it was important to keep […]